Our mission

Our mission is to address students’ misconceptions of language degrees by writing our own career case studies, year abroad reviews, language degree reviews, offering to speak in schools and colleges, blogging and tweeting (@langsaUK) about why students should study languages at university. (Here’s how you can help.) But why do we need to do this? Here’s why:

The Problem
The number of students studying Modern Languages at schools and universities in the UK is in rapid decline, meaning the closure of language departments, and a huge problem for the UK on the international stage.

Currently pre-university college students see language degrees as:

  • Pointless – “but everyone speaks English!”
  • Expensive – “is a four-year degree worth it?”
  • Futile – “I don’t want to be a translator, interpreter or teacher.”
  • Difficult – “I’ve heard it’s one of the hardest degrees.”
  • Scary – “I can’t imagine living abroad for a year.”

The Solution
Having experienced a language degree, we understand the value of being bilingual, the benefits of the year abroad and vast range of careers open to linguists. Unlike the misconceptions of college students, we see language degrees as:

  • Invaluable - there are immeasurable benefits of communicating with people in their own language and understanding foreign cultures and traditions.
  • Affordable - with Erasmus grants, travel grants, tuition fee loans, maintenance loans, summer holiday jobs before and after, cheaper living costs abroad and free time during the semester for a part time job, many students have more money after their year abroad than before!
  • Career-enhancing - you can bring international business to any company you choose to work for, both in the UK and abroad, you have a very wide career choice open to you and don’t have to decide at 18! We know language graduate lawyers,media people, bankers entrepreneurs, journalists, presenters… – you name the profession: there will be a language graduate in the mix!
  • Satisfyingly-challenging - no one will tell you becoming fluent in a foreign language is a walk in the park – it takes dedication and determination, but the satisfaction you get after having a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak a work of English, or being mistaken for a foreigner, or having international doors opened to you, or being singled out at work for an international trip simply because of your language skills more than makes up for it.
  • Exciting - the year abroad is often described as “the best year of my degree” for a reason!
If you can help us promote language degrees to students, please check out our how you can help page and get in touch!