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European Day of LanguagesThe Language Graduates’ and Students’ Association (LANGSA) was founded on the European Day of Languages 2011 in order to promote and support the study of Modern Languages in the UK.

The Association was founded by Lizzie Fane to keep her work promoting Modern Languages in schools and colleges separate from her business for students who study and work abroad during their degree, ThirdYearAbroad.com.

Here is a recent testimonial:

“Both [teachers] commented today on how fantastic both they and their classes thought you were. It’s not easy to come in and engage a group of that age and interest them in your and our agenda, but you did so in some style, so thank you very much again.” (Teacher from Specialist Language College Bexley Grammar School.)

Having received lots of requests to speak about the importance and benefits of languages, she wanted to open this opportunity up for others to get involved.

If you are a language student or recent graduate and would like to register your interest in speaking about your experiences studying languages, please visit our Become a Member section!

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